Pracownia Portretu 2020 Gallery

Exposure of Survival

The exhibition is about public awareness and public unconscious. The term “Exposure of Survival” related to this project is to reveal hidden levels of knowledge or stages facts of reality, in relation to post industrial culture. Its goal is to hide its interests, by the constraint of consumption and poverty in mass population.

Setting the separation by curtain-screens represents the difference between interpretation of reality and reality itself, how we should fill the gap? If reality is not revealed by its façade, by an image or any way of externalization or pretension, This reality is related more to opposing forces, it creates self-definition and identity through separation by force between me as a human entity and the relation to the mass production and consumption.

An example from another field can shed light on the subject, by using biological definitions such as ‘parasite’. The ‘identity’ is the bacterium and the ‘definitions’ are the superconductor. The virus exists in one person and goes out of necessity for survival to a group of people for the purpose of culture growth. It’s one of the ways in which ideology is rooted

In this work, we developed a process of participation in subversive hidden activities. The visitors will be entering the environment of the gallery space and they will participate in a game of hidden meanings, they will take part in certain and unclear activities. The risk is to be defined without a choice to belong to the way of thinking leads to actions that are approved by behaviors and actions of evil activities.

The middle class among them artists and art institutions represented by Façade Appearances refer. Outwardly, the Institute presents a compelling truth, while below – the surface there is an accumulation and assembly defects, hazards, things spoiled. Things that are not handled properly, the artist is entitled to vote on the ills and faults in power, it’s a matter of choosing between power centers belonging to represent the state enlisted artist and the minority is willing to take the risk and go out into the streets to demonstrate.

The artist is not taking part in an orgy of setting national flags, is a parasitic external cultural body, created alongside productive political culture and reveals what’s in the radical artist tries to reveal the insidious reality and try to create a gut of this culture request for reaction a change in the existing structure and this creates a transformation. While the government’s facade is rigidity, are in no hurry to change and it takes time and a process of gradual disintegration.

But instead of pain, of huge debts, scandals have the possibility of restructuring. The artist can describe things metaphorically. This is not about conservation, but the liquidation, the revival and research. Zoom stagnation of a conciliatory this Façade but of course also daunting