Transit message

sound installation, Justice house

Exhalation is an expression of waiting. We are suspended in the gap between the personal and private subject and the institutional self, who abides by the laws of society and is governed by them. This is a demilitarized zone. Exhalation creates a protected surrounding, we stay in this no man’s land where we can note the echo of voice, the listening and the vibration of the sound in our body.Mass society culture requires rigid governance, it needs orders and norms. We created a scientific society which is governed by social institutions, a world of sociocultural labels. The place where the ruling opinion (where the power) is centralized could be found in the court of law. For this reason, I have chosen to exhibit “exhalation” sound installation in courts lobby’s, challenging the enslaving of men to technological rationalism. The exhalation is an expression of energy, of sound, of a place that belongs to each person in the simplest, primal and undiscernible manner. Exhalation is also an expression of our insignificance as social creatures.A social framework completely relying on the rational and the technological obstructs our humanity. We become confined to a product-line which conducts over our survival struggle. We immerse in a total battle without alternatives, and this is our fate. With time, our thinking patterns adapt themselves to institutionalized rationalism and we are no longer able to see or conceive of anything outside of its grip. According to Foucault, thinking and behaving according to the given reality expresses a false consciousness, one which maintains the current order of things in the world. We have devised laws to constrict us and the same rules consequently create who we are. We are no longer able to perceive a world outside of this dialectic of false consciousness, which manifests at its greatest in the technical mechanism which creates it and sustains its life. As scientific rationalizing possessed social sciences, rationalism became established as an organizing force. Idealistic wisdom became social engineering and the technology provides both the tools (the how) and the rationale (the why) of enslaving man. Our enslaving processes and surrender to the technical mechanism enhances profitability and comfort in life, increasing the workers levels of productivity.Thus, technological rationalization is a political process. It is only in a technological world that man and nature become objects of organization which are disposable and replaceable. The exhibition challenges our submission to the world of technological reality. Exhalation lacks content. It is impossible to be possessed by socialization and social mechanisms. It represents a simple, almost animalistic, being, a rebellion against the limitations of thought we accepted upon ourselves, against the blindfold we have accepted, without which we can no longer exist.